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Marrakesh carpet, Morocco (31°37Sebkhet Aridal near Cape Bojador, Western Sahara, Morocco (26°09Dyer
Dades Gorges, Morocco (31°26Fishing nets in the port of Agadir, Morocco (30°26Agricultural landscape between Al Massira Dam and Rabat, Morocco (32°33
Cows in a swampy river, region of Rabat, Morocco (33°57Working in the fields near Agadir, Morocco (30°26Salt marshes, Oualidia, Morocco  (32°47
Marshes, Knifis (north of Laayoune), Morocco (27°09Village in the Ourika valley, Morocco (30°44’ N, 6°33’ W).Village in the Rheris Valley, Er Rachidia region, High Atlas Mountains, Morocco (31°28
Plowing near Marrakech, Morocco (31°38’ N, 8°00’ W). Animal hides spread out in an abandoned cemetery, Fès region, Morocco (33°55Sugar cane fields, Gharb plain, Morocco (34°45’ N, 6°00’ W).
Boat under construction, Larache, Morocco (35°12Village and fields in the Rheris valley, Morocco (31°35’ N, 4°40’ W).Village in the Ourika valley, Morocco (30°44

Marrakesh carpet, Morocco (31°37' N, 8°00' W).

Like Egypt, Tunisia and Algeria, Morocco is a major carpet production centre. These carpets are traditionally woven with wool, a symbol of protection and joy, sometimes combined with silk, cotton or camel or goat hair. The colors and patterns are typical of the regions where the carpets are made and it is in the High Atlas, up against where Marrakesh is situated, that the shades are warmest. The workforce is mainly feminine but also includes children. Child labor was declared a national cause in Morocco where 600.000 children younger than 14 are forced to work and deprived of education. In the world, 191 million children aged between 5 and 14 work. Over 166 million of them work illegally and almost 74 million work in dangerous conditions. 61 percent of these children are exploited in Asia, 30 percent in Africa and 7 percent in Latin America. Labels which guarantee that the consumer is purchasing a product that was not made by a child are starting to appear on certain products but they are still rare.

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